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Culturally Relevant Crops Project

We launched the project known as Culturally Relevant Crops for our Communities (CRCC), during which we conducted surveys to gather recommendations from culturally diverse groups about the types of crops they desired to see local farmers grow in Victoria.

Culturally significant foods play a pivotal role in connecting us with ancestral foodways, contributing to overall health, and preserving cultural ties, especially for newcomers. In acknowledgment of the disconnection experienced by Indigenous, Black, and People of Color (IBPOC) communities and other equity-deserving groups due to ongoing systems of oppression and structural racism, our project sought to bridge these gaps.

In retrospect to the 2023 season, we actively engaged with communities, including IBPOC, seniors, low-income individuals, people facing visible and hidden disabilities, LGBTQ2S+ communities, those with chronic illnesses, and anyone self-identifying as historically oppressed. We sought their valuable input on the crops they wished to see more of. This information proved invaluable for local farmers we partnered with, as they aimed to adapt to changing climatic conditions and develop a more inclusive local food system.

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Culturally Relevant Crops Reports

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What We Heard

In an effort to share our survey results, we compiled them into accessible and engaging designs.

Project Components

  • Culturally Relevant Crops Survey (CRCS):

    • The CRCS is a user-friendly tool designed to gather insights about culturally relevant foods in Victoria BC and surrounding areas.

    • Accessible through a Google Form, it captures diverse preferences and valuable opinions from our community members, focusing on cultural foods and food systems.

    • As a token of gratitude for CRCS participation, we offer a $20 cash honorarium.

    • Participants also have the chance to win $50 gift certificates, promoting food access and security, particularly for those facing barriers or low income.

  • “The Ways We Eat” Community Event:

    • 'The Ways We Eat' is an in-person community event fostering food justice.

    • It explores ancestral foodways and emphasizes food sovereignty, offering an enriching atmosphere with music, culinary experiences, and arts-based communication.

    • In collaboration with the Esquimalt Farmers Market, we strengthen community bonds and understanding of culturally relevant foods and health determinants.

  • Community Engagement:

    • Our commitment to community engagement extends beyond digital platforms.

    • We actively participate in local events and collaborate with NGOs, facilitating meaningful conversations about culturally relevant crops, land access, and sustainable food systems.

  • Knowledge Dissemination: 
    We prioritize knowledge dissemination by compiling insights into informative reports, benefiting social enterprises and community stakeholders. These reports enhance our understanding of culturally relevant foods, food accessibility, and poverty alleviation, and are shared widely within the community.

Project Timeline


JAN 2023

Began working with UVIC Students.

The 4 students: Sarah, Maya, Kaedin + Chris developed the Greater Victoria Cultural Food Community Map for this initiative which we are proud to share!​


JAN 2023

Small Scale Farmers Gathering: An in-person community conversation to connect + understand the needs + capacity of Small Scale Farmers in Lekwungen Territories


FEB 2023

Received UFT Microgrant


MAR-APR 2023

Gathered Survey Responses

  • A Google Form, which can be filled out in exchange for a $20 cash honorarium + an entry in a draw for a few gift certificates to the South Island Farm Hub



Analyzing and compiling results

  • Knowledge dissemination - drafting summary graphics of the project findings


OCT-DEC 2023

Knowledge dissemination - writing reports to be shared with various community stakeholders

Where Respondents Buy Their Food

Our Funders

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